Friday, October 8, 2010

Five-stroke input method is not just pole

I believe a lot of friends with a pole in the five-stroke input method, and very often we are only using it for text entry, in fact, as a free five-stroke input method, pole five-stroke input method 5.0 added a number of original distinctive feature, the following Jiugen I look!

Dictionary functions

We use the pole stroke input method can query words in the dictionary meaning, pronunciation and so on. First selected in use to query terms, then click the pole five-stroke input method of the status bar on the "magnifying glass" button on the pop-up "pole query" window to see the corresponding text Wubi code Chinese pronunciation and word meaning, and this other than calling Kingsoft software faster. In addition, we can in the "pole query" window in the input box enter the query text, click the "Search" button to get search results.

Using the command

Pole Wubi provides a rich command operations, skilled application can greatly improve our efficiency. I just throw the following two examples: Right-click the pole five-stroke input method of the title bar, select "Administrative Tools" sub menu under "User code table" command, in the "file $ f [auto] c: autoexec.bat" Enter "dizi $ F [Address] d: Mailing address. TXT", click "Save Exit" menu item to exit the editor (Figure 2). Just type in the future dizi, select "[mailing address]", you can easily call the "correspondence address. TXT" content, and no longer need to bother to copy, paste. This function is often fixed in the text input for the content of my friends was so useful.

Right-click the pole stroke input method of the title bar, select "Administrative Tools" sub menu under "User code table" command, is still "file $ f [auto] c: autoexec.bat" added under "zhaopian $ P [I photo] d: my photos. BMP ", click" Save Exit "menu item Exit edit. Later in Word or other text editing software to insert "My Photos", enter "zhaopian", select the "My Photos", you can directly insert the corresponding image of the software. In fact, everyone can realize their quick command mode operation, we hastened to try it!

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