Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life difficult for PC industry in 2009, will welcome the first decline since 2001

PC industry, sad days of 2009, is expected to usher in the first decline since 2001

Since the computer industry, or will mark the first decline since 2001. The latest analysis, IDC believes that this year more and more evidence that the unexpected downturn in some markets have also been affected, even in the past as a major engine of growth in some emerging markets are also struggling. In addition, global PC sales growth of 4% this year, the goal may not be achieved, while the third quarter of 2008, PC industry also achieved a 12% increase.

"From the fourth quarter of last year's data shows that the financial crisis impact on the PC industry is expected to decline more severe than the original." Gartner principal hardware China Ye Lei, an analyst told the "First Financial Daily", the main characteristics: first, the time has come earlier, and second, even larger decline.

Ye Lei informed in the survey, major manufacturers have developed a more conservative compared to the 2008 plan, and actively promote a variety of sales channels, and control expenses in order to increase investment when markets reverse.

Contraction of business organizations and individual consumers control of the replacement cycle, have caused great impact on the PC industry, so that the IT industries downstream of the confidence index has dropped to the lowest point since 2001. Lenovo, Founder, etc. within the person interviewed, said, the manufacturers are now on the market trends in 2009 are skeptical, do not know when to reach the bottom, do not know when to reverse.

"PC industry needs or, only temporarily because of economic recession curbed demand." Ye Lei that, once the economic situation improves, re-drum up market confidence, there may be a peak industry people by surprise, and now major manufacturers are waiting and watching and waiting for an opportunity.

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