Monday, September 13, 2010

The "Page Setup" Come Right menu

We usually use Word 2000/2002 edit, print, lesson plans or papers, we often use the "Page Setup" command. The most common methods of operation are: implementation of the "File 鈫?Page Setup" menu command. In fact, we can be, "Page Setup" into the Word context menu, so the operation can give us great convenience.

First, open the Word 2000/2002, the implementation of the "Tools 鈫?Customize" menu command, in the pop-up "Customize" dialog box, click the "Toolbar" tab, under which the drop-down list box, select " shortcut menu "option. At this point, the screen will be a "shortcut menu" toolbar, then click the "Order" tab, in the "Category" drop-down list box, select "File" item, click "order" drop-down list box The "Page Setup", the use of the left mouse button to "Page Setup" option drag to "shortcut menu" toolbar [text] button. At this time, there will be "writing" drop-down menu, and continue to drag the "Page Setup" to "Text" sub menu "Font" command on the Fanghou Song open the left mouse button, and then click "Customize" dialog box [Close] button to exit the setup.

So far, we have the "Page Setup" into the Word context menu, as long as the Word text editor right-click the shortcut menu will pop up to see "Fonts" above "Page Setup" command, and is is not very convenient for you?



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